Program Information:

In the 26 years of the Claims Conference of Northern California, we have been met with many challenges during the very week of our conference. Historical moments such as 9/11, Hurricane Katrina (2005), Isaac (2012), Harvey (2017), and San Bruno Explosion (2010), not to forget many California Wildfires, have affected our conference in the months of August and September, yet we have always persevered. For 2020, the current COVID-19 pandemic has affected our world and communities in ways we could not have planned for or even imagined.

I speak on behalf of the entire CCNC Planning Committee when I say, it saddens us to announce that the 27th Annual Claims Conference of Northern California will be postponed until August 31, - September 2, of 2021. Not knowing with any certainty if we will be able to gather in large groups, and with great sensitivity to the financial undertaking required to hold a conference, we could not move forward with the complex preparations and significant financial commitments required to launch a successful conference.

As in the prior 26 years, our hope is that we will see returning attendees, as well as our CCNC partners, specifically the exhibitors, sponsors, and speakers, continue their support of the conference, making it an epic return to Squaw Valley Village in June 2021!!

We look forward to seeing you in 2021!


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